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We craft tailored paid social strategies specialize in leveraging paid social media, targeted advertising, and enhancing brand visibility, all of which can significantly contribute to the growth of your patient base.

Why The Nation’s Top Podiatry Practices Trusts DigitalBloke

We’re Experts In the Podiatry Arena

Our services are trusted by some of the biggest names in the podiatry field, and our results speak for themselves.

Your Growth Is Our Personal Goal

We ignite ambitious growth with proven tactics to help you scale your business swiftly and strategically.

We’re Performance Marketing Experts

And we’re performance-driven to boot. We don’t let growth stop at “good enough”—we aim to exceed growth targets, every time.

We’re a Patient-Generating Machine

We’ve helped podiatry practices soar to new heights with proven patient generation tactics.

How We Help Podiatrists Grow Online

Engaging Patients at Every Stage through Paid Social

We possess a deep understanding of how patients progress along the buyers’ journey, enabling us to create advertising content that truly connects with your patients, regardless of their position in the decision-making process. Making informed choices about complex podiatry matters requires time, and our strategic approach is designed to nurture them at every stage until they reach the point of booking.

Social Ads That Captivate With Your Audience

We adopt a patient-centric approach by leveraging messaging strategies and creative techniques to establish a deep connection. Our advertisements directly address the desires and pain points of individuals, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to their specific needs. By doing so, we capture their attention, fostering a sense of intimacy throughout the communication process.

Performance Branding That Drives Tangible Results

We go beyond creating just a visually appealing social advertisement, our approach to social strategy is centered around generating targeted audiences, ensuring that your practice attracts paying patients and maximizing your advertising investment. By optimizing revenue and enhancing your return on advertising spend, we empower your practice to thrive.

Enhanced Transparency through Integrated Reports

We uphold the values of transparency and smooth cooperation with our clients. We are committed to providing you with a clear understanding of our workflows and ensuring that collaboration is effortless. You’ll always have full visibility into the performance of your social campaigns and access to all of your data in live dashboards that are updated in real-time.

Harness the Power of Social Media to Propel Your Podiatry Practice to New Heights!

Promote your podiatry practice on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media accounts holds a significant value, even for podiatrists themselves. In addition to providing an additional platform to reach potential patients, social media networking has become the go-to destination where people spend a considerable amount of their time nowadays. By connecting with patients through popular social media platforms, you can greatly expand your online presence and engage more effectively with those who are actively seeking a reliable podiatrist. Actively engaging with your followers on social media demonstrates that you care about your patients, thereby enhancing trust, credibility, and potentially generating more word-of-mouth referrals. Consequently, it is crucial not only to establish social media accounts but also to utilize them to their full potential and invest in social media advertising, making it easier for patients to find the necessary information when searching for a dependable podiatrist in their area.

Our comprehensive podiatry social media advertising agency specializes in ensuring that patients choose you above other doctors when considering booking an appointment. Prospective patients are looking for someone they can trust, someone with proven success rates in their practice, and someone they can put a face to, knowing they can effectively diagnose and treat their arthritis pain.

At Digitalbloke, we employ a combination of social media advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and other effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure that your website stands out in search results compared to your competitors. Similar to investing in SEO, incorporating podiatry social media advertising into your digital marketing plan is an essential element that no one can afford to overlook. By implementing these strategies, you can effectively capture the attention of potential patients, establish trust, and solidify your position as a leading podiatrist in the field.

Facebook Marketing for Poditary Practices

We Craft Ads that Engage and Ignite Demand

Tailored Social Media Strategies

At Digitalbloke, we collaborate closely with your business to develop a tailor-made social media marketing strategy that embodies creativity, consistency, and fosters brand recognition and trust. We prioritize meeting you in person, right here in the local area, to thoroughly assess your existing social media presence. This allows us to identify the strengths to leverage and areas that require enhancement. With a dedicated approach, we treat your account as if it were our own, ensuring an optimal utilization of your social media ad budget, resulting in a superior return on investment (ROI).

A Comprehensive Agency Partner

At Digitalbloke, we have a dedicated team of experts specializing in social media marketing and SEO, are eager to meet you in person and begin enhancing your online presence. With a dedicated approach, we treat your account as if it were our own, aiming to establish a deeper connection with your patients and maximize your potential for attracting new business. We are excited to contribute to your growth and success.

Ready to grow?

We focus on:




Our dedicated team of podiatry marketing experts excels in creating customized paid social strategies that are carefully tailored to suit your specific location. Our specialized focus lies in harnessing the power of paid social media and targeted advertising, allowing us to enhance your brand visibility and effectively contribute to the expansion of your patient base.

Podiatry Paid Social Toolkit

Empower Growth and Success With Strategic Facebook Ad Tactics
Funnel-Based Messaging Strategies

We implement funnel-driven nurturing tactics to effectively engage your patients with targeted messaging, precisely delivered at the opportune moment and location. Each patient’s path towards receiving exceptional podiatry care is distinct, demanding a bespoke comprehensive funnel-based paid social approach. Our expertise lies in capturing their attention and nurture them with engaging creative until they’re ready to book.

Persuasive Writing

We specialize in persuasive copywriting. Each advertisement produced by us for your podiatry clinic is meticulously designed to ignite purposeful response in your patients, ultimately driving an influx of paying clients to your practice while minimizing CPAs.


Our ad design not just grabs attention but also captures the hearts of the patients who are most important. Regardless of the platform, we will create captivating and compelling content that cultivates devoted patients, be it a standalone image, carousel, or video format.

Creative Testing and CRO

We consistently oversee the performance of your Facebook ads, aiming to maximize your advertising spend’s return on investment. Upon identifying any inefficiencies, we diligently analyze, experiment, and enhance the strategies.

HIPAA Compliant Ads

Concerned about your ads meeting HIPAA compliance? No worries! We possess the expertise to navigate every HIPAA regulation, ensuring full compliance for all your ads. Trust us to handle your advertising requirements while safeguarding your patients’ privacy.

Post-Click Optimizations

We’ll enhance your conversion rates by harmonizing pre and post-click user experience. Through user research and testing, we leverage pre-click test insights to optimize your post-click landing page. We persistently evaluate content, structure, and imagery on your post-click landing page and other crucial pages to transform clicks into confirmed appointments.

Dynamic Creative Optimizations

We employ DCO to boost creative reporting and optimizations throughout the entire funnel, crafting personalized, real-time campaigns for each patient. We consistently rotate and test DCO components to discover the optimal market combination, thus elevating CVR.

Audience Enhancements And Optimization Strategies

We assess the performance of diverse ads among distinct audience segments. After evaluating audience performance, we segment the top-performing ad set to continually refine our understanding of which audience resonates with specific content.

We Ignite Real Impact For Podiatry Clients

Digitalbloke has proven to be the best money we’ve ever spent

“Our investment in Digitalbloke has proven to be the best money we’ve ever spent, without a doubt! The team’s remarkable agility, exceptional communication, and invaluable support have truly integrated them as an extension of our own team. Thanks to this partnership, our progress has been remarkably seamless, alleviating any growth-related concerns.”

Gary Mellon,dpm

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Happy Customers

I have been a client of Digitalbloke for two years and have been very pleased with them. They are a great team and a true asset to any practitioner needing help with marketing their podiatry practice.

Karen Kiker

DPM, Carmel, Calif.

We are working with Digitalbloke since March 2020. Being new to the marketing aspect of the medical field myself, I have found them to be very helpful in guiding us with helpful, knowledgeable information. 

Peter Johnson

DPM, Oneida, Tenn.

Digitalbloke has been instrumental in the growth of our practice from the the day we opened, over 3 years ago. They have shown us how to market and win patients trust.

June Dawson

DPM, Evanston, WY

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