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We've been extremely pleased with Ankit's work. His handling of our initial account optimization and ongoing account management has been efficient, transparent and very profitable. Under his management, our monthly Adwords results have improved by 100% and have become a predictable, consistent contributor to our new subscription sales. What his resume won't tell you is how good he is at learning about your specific business and then using that knowledge to help you achieve you individual advertising goals. 



Ankit has been working on restoring our website position in google after it dropped considerably when we employed a small SEO agency for the previous 8 months. The agency just kept reassuring us that things would improve but they never did. Ankit has now regained our positions and is very easy to work with. Most of all he is a transparent, demonstrating the work he has put in and recording all of the changes he makes, demonstrating the improvement of the website rankings. I would highly recommend him.



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