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Designing brands and logos

Profit from our experience creating brands from beginning. Employ our qualified graphic designers for a wide spectrum of design services for any brand, no matter how traditional or eccentric.

Informational Graphics

Employ graphic designers to assist you in producing infographics that are appealing to the eye and simple to comprehend, recall, and embed. We make sure that every one of your designs complies with your brand standards.

Graphics for Social Media

Employ graphic designers with a reputation for producing incisive and engaging social media designs. Your goal with every online post is to engage the target audience.

Design for Display Banners

With the aid of conversion-focused display banner design services, our qualified graphic designers will imaginatively advance your marketing initiatives. We can assist with static or dynamic HTML display banners.
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How using web graphic designers can make the developers' turnaround time 20% faster right black arrow

Nothing is certain when discussing graphic design. Until it is in the hands of a developer, graphic design is a lovely mixture of a client’s request and a designer’s imagination.

As a graphic designer, you cannot limit your creativity to every best practise recommendation made for website layout design, but you also need to take into account the challenges faced by developers, such as design compatibility across various displays and time constraints.

When bringing a graphic design to life, especially when making it compatible with numerous mobile devices, developers frequently experience a tremendous deal of difficulty. Nonetheless, there are methods for designing website layouts that a graphic designer can use to speed up website development.

In order to share some crucial web design advice for creating development-friendly designs, we at Digitalbloke have screened our extensive web development experience.

01. Know your boundaries and mark your grid.

Mark your global borders and define the grid layout you will use throughout the entire design before you begin designing the graphics. A 12-column grid system is available in popular front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and the 960 Grid, which may be used to create precisely measured designs favoured by developers.

Reason: In the first scenario, where no grid rule is used, it is difficult and time-consuming for developers to specify the content block sizes for pixel-perfect graphic designs. Without a clear understanding of where each design piece should be placed, they must analyse and position each one separately.

While, in the second instance when the graphic designer adhered to the 12-column.

02. Uneven Curves Must Be Avoided

Graphic designers enjoy using unconventional forms and graphic design components that are likely to cause controversy to break up the monotony of standard designs. However, unless absolutely essential, they must refrain from using irregular curve elements (such as those in the first scenario).

03. Stay Away From The Complexity of Several Layers

Graphic designers enjoy using their imagination, therefore occasionally they stray from accepted norms. The content block size may be altered, the alignment may be broken, or effects may be overlaid. Avoiding these practises will prevent them from adding to developer complexity.

Reason: The flexibility of the graphic design across various screen sizes is significantly reduced when a translucent effect layer overlaps the primary layer (as demonstrated in the first scenario). As a result, while the blocks in the primary layer adjust automatically to fit changing screen sizes on one end, the translucent layer must be manually placed using coding on the other. Hence, it is preferable to retain

04. The Size of Related Parts Should Be the Same

Measurements and alignments must be rigorously adhered to! Failure to reach the measurement accuracy required by a pixel-perfect design is one of the most frequent errors made by graphic designers. The section sizes and measurements should be identical when creating similar design sections for other web sites.

Reason: An HTML developer must pay close attention to consistency and measurement accuracy in order to produce a website layout design that adheres to the standards of a pixel-perfect design. 

05. A must-have is consistent website and mobile design!

Responsive design is no longer a luxury but a requirement due to the rising rate of internet consumption on mobile devices. A graphic designer must therefore be extremely picky about the design elements and picture alignment he uses in his design. The online design should use the same design components as the mobile version of the site.

Reason: While it’s common practise to start with the desktop design and move on to the mobile version later, many web designers don’t take into account how similar the two designs are visually.

Frequently Asked Questions

A graphic designer might be hired for anywhere from $1500 to $5000 per month.

You can save up to 40% on pay by hiring a graphic designer, and there are also flexible hiring models, no recruitment charges, and no pre- or post-hiring management duties. Our talent curators do the groundwork, freeing you from the tiresome hiring procedure.

Teams can work together during your local business hours. However, there are additional fees of 10% and 5% for the Australia and US regions, which overlap with IST timezones by four hours (8 hours overlap with IST timezone).

You must publish your specifications in order to hire a graphic designer from Digitalbloke, and we will shortlist a few applicants that best meet your needs. You conduct interviews with them and choose the best candidates.

A graphic designer from Digitalbloke could be hired and onboarded in 2 to 4 weeks.