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We are aware of the difficulties businesses encounter when hiring WordPress developers. In order to develop a network of carefully selected talents who can meet your company’s objectives, we at Digitalbloke source, screen, and engage candidates through a rigorous vetting process.

Our Work Process

How can I work with Digitalbloke to hire WordPress developers?

Our 4-step hiring process to get you going.


Share your requirements.

Contact a member of our team who is an expert in order to help you identify your objectives, technical needs, and team dynamics.

We shortlist the most suitable talent.

Our area of expertise is talent curation and matching. Within 48 hours of receiving your requirements, we will shortlist the first group of applicants.

Select the right fit for your business.

The ropes are given to you. By conducting interviews with the pre-screened ReactJS specialists, you may choose the talent that is the greatest fit for your company.

Remote Onboarding & Support.

On both sides, we set the appropriate structures and expectations. Our team also oversees the administration, Technology, and human resources for the talent.

Deliver Latest Services

Your needs can be met by our devoted WordPress developers.


Development of a custom WordPress website

Need WordPress websites for your company that are spick and span, flexible, and scalable? You can get customised and cutting-edge WordPress solutions from our WordPress professionals.

Developement de WooCommerce

What better way to win over your customers than to use one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce?

Development of WordPress Themes and Plugins

Allow our WordPress specialists to curate them for you if you want to expand features and functions or need a WordPress theme that follows current trends.

Page Speed Improvement

Don't let your website's slow load speeds and poorly organised data turn away potential customers. Through our Page speed optimization services, you can improve the functionality of your website.
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The Digitalbloke Advantage


Do not source

Get rid of the time-consuming procedure of sourcing people to discover the best match.

Salary Savings

With Digitalbloke, you may save up to 50% on salaries compared to hiring local employees without sacrificing quality.

Integrity and Security

With Digitalbloke' international data protection and compliance standards, keep your data safe and secure. Integrity and Security

No pre or post-hiring responsibilities

From helping you build a great team to managing them (HR and Payrolls) - we will take care of everything.

Overcome Talent Crunch

Hire WordPress Developers full-time by using a pool of experienced applicants.

No-Pressure Interview

You are under no obligation to hire an applicant after an interview. If you're not happy, we suggest looking at some other profiles. There are no questions.

50 +

In-House Developers

100 +

Clients Served

100 +

Projects Completed

10 +

Early Startups

Numbers Are Talking

Interview questions for a WordPress developer

Over 455 million websites using WordPress globally.

The average annual salary for full-time, committed WordPress developers in the US is $63,348; the highest salary recorded was $105,000.

Therefore, you must pick the top applicant if you’re going to hire a dedicated WordPress developer and pay them that much. But how can you identify the top applicant? Here is the solution.

The questions you can pose to potential WordPress developers to determine whether they’d be a good fit for your business are covered in the following sections:

Five technical inquiries to ask

5 inquiries to ask during exploration

Five technical inquiries before hiring a WordPress developer

Prior to hiring a WordPress developer, you must confirm that the selected applicant have solid technical understanding. Here are 5 technical queries you can use to assess a candidate’s technical proficiency.

Q1. Describe what WordPress hooks are.

A smart WordPress developer is aware that actions and filters both accept functions known as hooks. A skilled WordPress developer will also inform you that the hooks have different names depending on whether you apply them to an action or a filter. These names are action hooks and filter hooks.

The addition of hooks can be done without changing the original file, as any competent WordPress developer will know.

Q2.  Describe the process of debugging in WordPress.

A skilled WordPress programmer will be aware that debugging PHP code is an essential component of every project.

WP DEBUG is one such PHP constant used to enable the debug mode throughout WordPress, a knowledgeable WordPress developer would inform you. Additionally, the developer would be aware that you need to configure.

Q3. Mention the guidelines you must adhere to when creating WordPress plugins.

The guidelines for creating WordPress plugins are as follows, according to a knowledgeable WordPress developer:

– making a distinctive name
– setting up a plugin folder
– establishing a subfolder for PHP assets and translations/
– Making the primary plugin file and adding the header data
– Developing activation and deactivation mechanisms
– composing a removal script
make a readme.txt file
– identifying file paths for the plugin
– Hire those WordPress website developers if they respond along these lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding and shortlisting qualified WordPress developers and scheduling the interview will take just seven business days with Digitalbloke. Also, depending on the candidate’s qualifications and experience, the hiring decision and onboarding procedure may take one to two weeks.

To fully understand our clients’ demands, we go through a thorough information-gathering procedure. Also, we carry out a talent screening procedure to gain a thorough grasp of their abilities. This procedure aids in finding the best personnel and customer matches.

While we will provide you with pertinent WordPress Developer profiles, you will interview the applicants and choose the WordPress Developer in the end.

Every developer who applies to Uplers must pass a five stage assessment process that consists of a technical MCQ test, an aptitude test, a live coding test, a communication test, and a technical interview.

Depending on the candidate’s experience and skill set, the full-time hire of a WordPress developer from us will run you about $3000 per month.

You can discover a trustworthy WordPress developer in a variety of methods. You might start by looking for developers or experts with a lot of experience on job sites online. You could also examine the developers’ references and get in touch with any former customers. Finding top-notch WordPress developers can also be made easy by contacting talent networks like Digitalbloke.

Considerations for WordPress programmers should include experience, technical know-how, availability, and client testimonials. Finding a developer who fits your budget while providing the services you require is crucial. Fortunately, Digitalbloke does the job for you so that you may concentrate on more crucial matters.