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The hard work is done by our Talent Success Coaches so you don’t have to. You merely interview candidates and choose the finest. We find the best personnel for your company’s needs, freeing you from the pre- and post-hiring hassles.

Our Work Process

Hire only the finest and discard the rest

Our 4-step hiring process to get you going.


Share your requirements.

Contact a member of our team who is an expert in order to help you identify your objectives, technical needs, and team dynamics.

We shortlist the most suitable talent.

Our area of expertise is talent curation and matching. Within 48 hours of receiving your requirements, we will shortlist the first group of applicants.

Select the right fit for your business.

The ropes are given to you. By conducting interviews with the pre-screened ReactJS specialists, you may choose the talent that is the greatest fit for your company.

Remote Onboarding & Support.

On both sides, we set the appropriate structures and expectations. Our team also oversees the administration, Technology, and human resources for the talent.

Deliver Latest Services

Our Dedicated Android Developers can help you with


Application Development for Specifications

To create premium, personalised Android apps for your company, hire knowledgeable Android app developers.

Development of IoT

Use our team's knowledge to maximise the potential of your app. We help you connect your Android mobile apps with various IoT devices to drastically change your company processes!

UI/UX Development for Android

Our Android app developers will work with your team's visual designers, information architects, and content strategists to create unique user experiences.

Service & Maintenance for Android

Let us maintain your Android-based apps so they are current with the newest trends. For run-time upkeep and streamlined operation of mobile apps, use the best Android app developers.
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The Digitalbloke Advantage


Do not source

Get rid of the time-consuming procedure of sourcing people to discover the best match.

Salary Savings

With Digitalbloke, you may save up to 50% on salaries compared to hiring local employees without sacrificing quality.

Integrity and Security

With Digitalbloke' international data protection and compliance standards, keep your data safe and secure. Integrity and Security

No pre or post-hiring responsibilities

From helping you build a great team to managing them (HR and Payrolls) - we will take care of everything.

Overcome Talent Crunch

Hire Android evelopers full-time by using a pool of experienced applicants.

No-Pressure Interview

You are under no obligation to hire an applicant after an interview. If you're not happy, we suggest looking at some other profiles. There are no questions.

Numbers Are Talking

Questions to ask an Android developer during an interview

In Bangladesh, a Samsung Galaxy M01 running Android 10 can be purchased for about $69 as opposed to iOS customers using devices that cost four figures.

That explains why the Google Play Market has such a large number of apps. A large user base provides almost limitless potential for growth. So, investing in an Android application developer is worthwhile.

Examine the education and experience of an Android developer before hiring them.

5 technical queries to ask an Android developer before hiring

The two languages most frequently used for app development, Java and Kotlin, must also be known by top Android developers in addition to the SDK and Android Runtime.

High-level, class-based, object-oriented programming languages like Java and Kotlin are both available. Hire Android app developers, but test them on both before you hire them.

01. The levels of the Android architecture should be described.

On Linux, the kernel is based. That is what gives it its strength.





There are around 15 libraries, and there is a large number of modules in the GitHub repository.


The Android mobile operating system switched from using Dalvik to using ART as of Lollipop (version 5.0). The majority of mobile application development no longer updates apps for Dalvik after eight years.


In this context, the term “Framework” refers to the very specialised Android design, animations, and tools.


Users can access tools including browsers, chat apps, and mail.

02. What types of memory does the Java Virtual Machine support?

Android makes considerable use of Java. Memory types in Java include:




Software counter

Stack of native methods

03. How may two strings be joined together in Kotlin?

making use of the plus() or + operator



“GoodLuck” would be stored in val c = a + b.

and “Good Luck” would be stored in a + ” ” + b.

04. How many dialogue boxes can be supported by Android?


typically employed for yes-or-no choices, such as Rate This App and Rate Now / Later.


for choosing a date


for choosing a time.

05. Describe AAPT.

It is the Android Asset Packaging Tool, which is comparable to a Windows.zip file.

Compressed folders may be created for installation and extraction. usually used to unpack a large installation when, for example, an 80 MB file might only take up 45 MB on the Play Store.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hire the top Android developers by following our straightforward 4-step recruiting process, which you can start by submitting your requirements for. We will make a shortlist of the best matches and join a call to clarify things further. You can conduct interviews with the finalists before making your decision.

Whether you require a junior-level, mid-level, or senior-level Android developer, the cost of hiring one through Digitalbloke will vary. We charge anywhere from $1750 and $3500 each month depending on a variety of variables.

Yes, we have a flexible hiring model to cater to your hourly or say project-based tasks.


We employ a thorough screening procedure that includes technical exams, screening, aptitude tests, communication and English proficiency tests, and a final interview.

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