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Have trouble designing and implementing scalable, easy-to-maintain Sales or Service Cloud solutions? Our screened Functional Consultants can be of assistance. Our Salesforce Technical Consultants are also well-versed in setup and coding, and they have plenty of experience with Pardot, Einstein, and the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Community Cloud.

Our Work Process

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Our 4-step hiring process to get you going.


Share your requirements.

Contact a member of our team who is an expert in order to help you identify your objectives, technical needs, and team dynamics.

We shortlist the most suitable talent.

Our area of expertise is talent curation and matching. Within 48 hours of receiving your requirements, we will shortlist the first group of applicants.

Select the right fit for your business.

The ropes are given to you. By conducting interviews with the pre-screened ReactJS specialists, you may choose the talent that is the greatest fit for your company.

Remote Onboarding & Support.

On both sides, we set the appropriate structures and expectations. Our team also oversees the administration, Technology, and human resources for the talent.

Engage functional consultants for Salesforce

Practical application

Our knowledgeable consultants handle Salesforce configuration, general system functionality, and usability. They also design solutions.

Additionally to cognitive technologies

Cognitive technologies like robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, data analytics, etc. are well-versed in by our functional consultants.

Increasing investment

You can count on our carefully screened employees to effectively address even the most difficult business problems and make the most of the Salesforce platform.

Presentation and communication that is effective

Our functional consultants have the skills necessary to communicate concepts, problems, and solutions to stakeholders at all levels.

Engage technical consultants for Salesforce.

Design objects production

Creating design artifacts Our technical consultant will create and maintain best-practice design artifacts such as Business Process Flows and Entity Relationship Diagrams.

Configuring the system

The technical consultants have in-depth knowledge of custom objects, validation rules, flows, and data loaders as well as system configuration, approval procedures, and those.

Constructing SQL queries

Our specialists will employ analytics tools, the data loader, and SQL queries with ease. They are also familiar with tools like GitHub.

Defining a plan

Systems strategy and business processes are defined by the consultants, who also design, prototype, test, and put into action workable business solutions.

Would you like to work with a brilliant and experienced Salesforce consultant?

Dependable technical basis

Comprehensive technical evaluations that are adapted to the job role's international requirements.

Unparalleled Communication Skills

Using a premier AI-powered English communication platform, test speech nuances.

Multicultural competence

evaluated for their capacity for change and comprehension of what it takes to succeed at work in a global setting.

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In-House Developers

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Interview questions for a Salesforce Consultant

When selecting a Salesforce consultant to join your internal team, check for the following qualifications:

extensive familiarity with the platform
exceptional skill set
Unrealized expertise
To advance your company, the ideal Salesforce consultant should be able to provide scalable and ground-breaking solutions.

A competent Salesforce consultant may assist you in managing your clients and establishing client relationships more successfully in addition to streamlining business operations.

Before hiring a Salesforce consultant, you should ask these 5 technical questions.

To suggest the best Salesforce solutions, a Salesforce consultant should be technically competent. Be sure to assess their technical knowledge with inquiries like these:

01 . How Can Clean Data Be Maintained in Salesforce?

Any data entering Salesforce should be validated by a functional consultant with experience. The frequency with which data must be retroactively cleaned should decrease as a result of the implementation of this regulation.

The original data can be kept clean in a number of ways, and it can be cleaned in a number of different ways after the fact. Here are a few illustrations:

Validation: To keep data clean, seasoned Salesforce consultants employ validation. It can take many different forms, including:

necessary fields
Rules for validation
Picklists are used in place of free text areas.
the proper permissions being set
The purpose of these features is to guarantee that users can only input accurate data into the system. It is also among the finest ways to stop bad data from getting into the system.

Data duplication is a problem that many Salesforce users encounter. Data duplication can come from a variety of sources, including:

Data loading initially Marketing leads Manual entries
The robust duplicate capabilities on the platform should allow a Salesforce consultant to stop this from happening.

Training: Giving people enough training is the greatest approach to keep clean data. The remainder of the team should be able to understand how to enter and retrieve data without corrupting it from a competent Salesforce expert.

02. Can You Describe How Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Differ?

Salesforce’s initial product was called Sales Cloud. It is made to assist companies in managing sales cycles and keeping track of their clients and client connections.

Additionally extending the CRM, Sales Cloud offers the following capabilities and functionalities:

Possibility management
Forecasting lead management Quoting

Although it is a similar product, Service Cloud is a component of the platform’s main CRM cloud. Service Cloud’s main objective is to assist businesses with their customer service division. It can do features like:

. Case management
. Case management
. Knowledge bases 
. Email2Case

How these features assist a firm in streamlining its sales and customer relations departments should be explained to you by a Salesforce functional consultant.

03. What are AppExchange’s Top Advantages?

In order to enable Salesforce partners to build specialised apps on top of the platform, Salesforce AppExchange was created.

Similar advantages to those found in any app store, such as Google Play or Play Store, are available on AppExchange.

It mostly offers out-of-the-box (both free and premium) applications that support extending Salesforce’s features.

Salesforce provides both straightforward and intricate solutions that assist in automating essential company procedures.

04. How Do Roles and Profiles Differ in Salesforce?

You can add features called profiles to a user record in Salesforce. When creating a user, profiles are a fundamental requirement, but roles are not.

You may manage object privileges like Create, Read, Edit, and Delete using Profile (CRED). Additionally, profiles have system rights that users can use to perform actions like data exports.

But when it comes to sharing records within the enterprise, roles are essential. Roles operate in a hierarchical manner, providing users with access to records that belong to others lower down the hierarchy.

05 . Why Should You Change Things in a Sandbox?

You should be able to learn the significance of using Sandbox when making modifications from a Salesforce technical specialist.

A sandbox offers users a space where they may make adjustments without worrying about destroying everything.

Salesforce development is fairly complex, so having a sandbox is required for making modifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will pay about $2000 per month if you hire a Salesforce Consultant from us on a full-time basis. The recruiting cost is affected by a number of variables, including the consultants’ years of Salesforce technical knowledge, Salesforce certifications, experience in a particular vertical market, exposure to major projects, etc.

Salesforce consultants are available on demand and can supplement your internal staff.

Step 1: Share your criteria for acquiring talent in 

Step 2: We narrow down a network of talented profiles until we find the best fit.

Step 3. You choose the best candidate and conduct the interview.

Step 4: Hire staff and go to work.

Salesforce is used by many organisations to stay organised and provide superior customer service. It provides access to all of your company’s data in one location, making it simple to explore and perform searches. You’ll have all the information at your fingertips thanks to its extensive selection of CRM solutions, features, and tools created for business owners who want more out of their company’s success story – so your firm may develop wisely!

A functional Salesforce consultant serves as a link between technical and non-technical employees to guarantee that all outputs adhere to the highest standards and the business needs of the client. The proper solution is designed and developed to surpass client expectations, create lasting change, and deliver outcomes, but a Salesforce technical consultant leverages technical Salesforce configuration and code to do so.

As a result of our expertise working with 7000+ clients, we have created the vetting procedure to satisfy hiring managers’ requirements.

Step 1: Talents requesting to join the network

Step 2 : Profile screening and shortlisting in 

Step 3: Assess language ability

Step 4 : aptitude tests

Step 5: Technical assessment

Step 6 :Final Interview