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Being a top PPC management company, we have perfected the recipe for creating an effective and lucrative PPC campaign. You can put an end to your search for reliable and manageable traffic, improve the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, and raise your ROIs with the help of our Pay Per Click services. Your go-to company for PPC management services is Digitalbloke.

“The overarching problem is that everyone sees and uses social media from a different perspective.”

Promote More Business With Paid Ads

The skilled staff at Uplers has experience working on a variety of projects with major international companies and is knowledgeable about all types of sponsored advertising. As a well-known PPC agency, we have professional teams with Google Ads and Bing Ads certifications who comprehend your company's objectives, whether they are lead generation or brand recognition campaigns.

PPC Campaign Management Services

Setup for Campaign Management

Our PPC campaign management services Experts can assist you in choosing the appropriate channel to conduct your campaigns, whether it be for setting up and managing your sponsored advertisements.

PPC Auditing Solutions

Have you recently fallen in the rankings due to a Google penalty? Are you seeking for ways to boost the effectiveness of your ads? For PPC audit services, get in touch with our PPC agency.

Ads for Local Services

Use Local Service Ads to connect with prospective local clients who are looking for the services you offer. Pay for leads rather than clicks!

Native Promotion

When it comes to efficient marketing, brands and companies choose native ads. As a top PPC management company, we have solved the problem.

Google Ads

To attract a certain audience on Google and Bing who is more likely to purchase your goods or services, what should you do? The answer you're seeking for is targeted Search Ads.

Social Media Promotion

Use a personalised social media advertising approach that is designed to meet your company's needs to advertise on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
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What makes Digitalbloke the best PPC agency for you?

These and countless other reasons are the reasons why our clients adore our PPC services.

. Certified search and analytics experts for Google and Bing.

. equipped with tools and software that lead the industry

. equipped with tools and software that lead the industry

. 650+ minds yearning for growth

. results-oriented strategy

50 +

In-House Developers

100 +

Clients Served

100 +

Projects Completed

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Early Startups

Put Your PPC Campaign in the Hands of Experts!

Can a Focused Offshore Team Get You the Paid Marketing Results You Want?

You are aware of the variety in today’s marketing sector. Paid marketing is a significant component of it, but it is only one of the many constantly changing components of the business that you must oversee.

While trying to expand your business and satisfy current customers, there is an ever-growing list of techniques to stay up with, from chatbots and sentiment analysis to featured snippet optimization. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many digital businesses hire professionals from abroad to handle their PPC management needs.

Is Outsourcing the Future’s Solution?

It is undeniable that outsourcing is a sound business strategy. You can save money and effort by outsourcing, but what does outsourcing your paid marketing entail specifically? How much do you have control on the calibre of the work? Exist many kind of offshore options? Finally, can an offshore workforce deliver the outcomes you and your clients require?

Types of Remote Offshore Teams

Shared teams and dedicated remote teams are the two main types of offshore teams.

While a Dedicated Offshore Team would be totally focused on your campaigns, a Shared Offshore Team offers expertise on a non-exclusive basis. Utilizing a Shared Team is much the same as conventional outsourcing, while a Dedicated Team gives you greater control. Despite the fact that they will be working from a distant location, you will have full access to their specialised knowledge and the power to supervise them if you so want.

You get all the advantages of outsourcing when you work with a dedicated offshore team, plus exclusive knowledge and total control.

So How can a Dedicated Team of PPC Marketers Achieve the Best Results?

1. Alignment via Education

When it comes to PPC, alignment is crucial. Your entire PPC quality score depends on the alignment of your keywords, landing pages, call to actions, and other elements. High rankings result in cheaper advertising, more visibility, and better ad positioning. Therefore, alignment is crucial for risk and budget management as well as quality control.

You can educate the entire team on your procedures and standards because a dedicated remote staff only works for you. Whether the job is done by your in-house staff or a dedicated offshore team, a robust training programme will enable you to build alignment throughout your campaigns.

2. Modern Paid Marketing Methods

PPC has a flexible interface that is always changing. Every year, Google alone makes hundreds of changes. In fact, the business announced a staggering 3,234 algorithm modifications in 2018!

For instance, Google recently declared that starting in April 2020, Search & Shopping ads, shared budgets, and Display, Video, App, and Hotel advertising would all only be delivered via Standard Delivery. Beginning in January 2020, marketers will be able to extract CRM-based conversion events and transfer them to Google Ads with the use of Zapier’s automation tool.

Learning these new methods requires a full-time job in and of itself. You will automatically stay current on all the most recent Google Ads strategies if you have specialised PPC professionals on your side, which will optimise your campaigns.

3. Global Talent Pool Access

PPC is a complicated sector that takes specialised knowledge to navigate, as we’ve already demonstrated. Utilizing a specialised offshore team gives you access to the best marketers on the planet. You can handpick the top professionals in the field and take advantage of their experience without requiring that they reside in the same nation as you.

4. Agency-wide Resilience

For maximum efficiency and quality control, all of your initiatives need to adhere to a consistent standard. This applies to anything from site development to on-page SEO to content marketing to something as basic as naming standards.

When you employ a specialised PPC team, you can make use of their knowledge to develop fresh top-level plans and account management techniques that you can use throughout the company. You could develop a standard audience sorting method, a placement analysis strategy, and various other techniques. Once these tactics have been put into practise, you may share them with all of your specialised teams as well as your internal staff.

5. Scalability and independence

Your primary priority as a PPC Management Agency is to give your customers excellent service. You will profit more the more clients you win over. That portion is easy. It might be challenging to strike a balance between expanding your business and still providing exceptional outcomes for current clientele.

For PPC accounts to be successful, a team of 3-5 analysts and a committed Account Manager are required. Additionally, while spreading one Manager across several PPC accounts could result in cost savings, the results and level of service would deteriorate.

You may scale things up or down as needed by utilising a dedicated remote staff of PPC experts. Despite their dedication to your campaigns and training in your methods,

6. Availability of Effective Management

Dedicated project managers work with devoted offshore teams. These managers will only focus on your campaigns, just like their team members will. Their sole responsibility will be to keep an eye on your PPC campaigns, which will enhance quality, increase output, and lower the possibility of budget loss.

7. A Specialized Team Created with a Purpose

In order to get professional expertise and knowledge, 28% of businesses outsource services, according to a 2016 poll. With a dedicated offshore team, you get a team of PPC professionals with experience in particular industries rather than merely a team of PPC experts. Therefore, to increase productivity & raise client outcomes, if you have a significant customer in the e-commerce industry, you can handpick a team of PPC professionals who are knowledgeable in that field.

Additionally, you can customise your team depending on many categories, like bidding analysis, remarketing, social paid search, and shopping. Depending on market trends and the most recent Google algorithms, you can assemble a team that includes subject matter experts in each critical area. Having this knowledge only available to you

Frequently Asked Questions

With pay-per-click (PPC) management services, you may buy clicks and visits from search engines and social media platforms to increase traffic to your website.

When it comes to selecting PPC campaign management services, there is no one best option. It absolutely relies on your financial situation, your industry, and the niche you are in.

Make sure to choose a PPC management company for your company that is a seasoned and dominant force in its industry, has a solid reputation in the marketplace, and is a suitable fit for your organisation and its requirements.

Yes! Whether you are a startup, agency, or well-known brand, a PPC management company can help you scale your business. Little assistance can go a long way.

Everything is dependent on the calibre and kind of PPC service. PPC services, however, are accessible for all financial situations. View our PPC price options or request a quote.

The answer to this question really relies on your condition right now, your goals, and the market. PPC and SEO each have advantages and disadvantages. Both are respectable traffic providers. Consider your needs and business scenario while deciding between PPC and SEO.