Want To ​Increase Organic traffic?

​Get an in-depth SEO audit done to find out the missing links to higher rankings.


​A successful SEO has 3 building blocks:

​Website design

​Is it user friendly? Is the website architecture search engine bot friendly? Does it feel professional but easy to navigate around?

​Co​ntent quality

​Do you prefer quality over quantity? Do you create content to make people feel like, "Hell, yeah, now THAT'S something I think my friends would like" ?

​Social Media

​Is your social media followers liking your content? Do they share it? Do they come to your website and read more than just the post you shared?

​If you are prepared to really really do good SEO, read on.

​Ankit Singh, your DigitalBloke.

So you want to increase your organic traffic.

​Now, organic traffic depends on a LOT of things, but we can broadly put it in 3 categories:

  • Website design and architecture
  • Content quality
  • Social media strategy

That's because search engines keep changing and the real reason behind each big and small algorithm change is this: to make it as user friendly as possible. Why? Because Google bets HUGE on customer experience.

​That's all.

​So if you want your site to gain more organic traffic, then you have to provide good customer experience.

​And if that means changing your website's design and architecture, do it.

If that means making your content more readable and high quality for humans, do it.

And if that means making your social media channels more powerful, do it.

SEO isn't easy and it takes at least 6 months to see results

​That's the amount of time it took for me to perform both on-page and off-page SEO for my client from scratch. 

​This is the overall traffic BEFORE they hired me (Data from Google Analytics)

And this is a snapshot of traffic after 6 months.

I increased my client's visibility, decreased bounce rates and brought more new users to the site.

​What did I do to achieve these results?

​I did everything. I did on-page SEO, which includes:

Technical SEO

On- page SEO

Off- page SEO

​technical seo

​on-page seo

​off-page seo

​Fixing the site speed

​SERPs and keyword research

​Sharing on social media platforms

​ Fixing Mobile friendly issues

​Analyzing organic competitors' pages and making yours better

​Finding and contributing to high authority guest blogs

Getting rid of crawl errors

High quality SEO content with optimized media, HTML tags

​Doing social bookmarking of every post or page with relevant keywords and SERP

Getting rid of Broken links or providing appropriate links

Keyword optimized page Title and Meta description

​Submitting every link on high PR forums

Making every permalink in site SEO friendly

​Schema markup is done

​Submitting every blog post into high PR blog directory sites

Keeping the site structure stable as much as I can

Making your pages voice-search optimized

Optimizing Google My Business for local businesses

​Creating robot.txt for search engine bots to keep specific pages restricted from others

Relevant internal and external linking done

​Creating a whole web 2.0 submission network

​Updating the XML sitemap every time new content is put up

​Landing Page Optimization



Ankit has been working on restoring our website position in google after it dropped considerably when we employed a small SEO agency for the previous 8 months. The agency just kept reassuring us that things would improve but they never did. Ankit has now regained our positions and is very easy to work with. Most of all he is a transparent, demonstrating the work he has put in and recording all of the changes he makes, demonstrating the improvement of the website rankings. I would highly recommend him.

It's after I did each one of these consistently everyday for 6 months, that I got Chango to this position it is in right now.

​I prefer handling everything on my own, that's because it reduces the misunderstanding between different blokes working on separate aspects of a single client's online presence.

​However, I do work for clients who want me to do just one part of SEO and they are handling the, let's say, the social media marketing part just great on their own.

Like ShesTough for example. So I just do their on-page SEO.


Ankit has been excellent in helping our company's website recover from a Google penalty where larger agencies failed. He has excellent knowledge, applies it to great effect and is keen to learn new industries. He's also very approachable and has no problem sharing what he is doing and how he feels is the best way to move forward. 

We will continue our relationship with Ankit as he has brought us results; and he is a nice guy too.

​See these SERPs of each page of ShesTough? Yes, I did all of them. Keyword optimized and making people wanna click on it.

​Go ahead and check it out for yourselves. Just make sure to come back here if you want your ​SERPs to look like LatoYa Forever's.

​Now that you are convinced that I am a real SEO expert and can handle however big of a deal you are, and you are ready to hire me, here are things you must know:

What you will get from me

​What I will expect from you in return

An end-to-end ​SEO ​strategy execution - from​ scratch if you are a new site.

​Your full co-operation and trust upon me. I know it'll take time, but it'll be worth it.

​Month end reports about Google ​Search Console, Google Analytics, Off-page SEO done and letting you know when changes to the website needs to be done.​

Hour long calls with me several times in a month so that we both understand what you need and how I give you results.

​Highly optimized ​SERP copy and  ​content optimization ONLY. I won't write all your blog posts and guest posts.

​You will have to hire your own content writers who produce quality SEO optimized content. I don't provide writing anymore. 

​Detailed insights about what the coming month's strategy would be and WHY it will help towards the business goals.


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ankit singh digitalbloke

Ankit Singh

Your DigitalBloke

Meet Ankit, your personal DigitalBloke. He is a 34 year old first-time father who was once offered a job from Google, but rejected it since he had that entrepreneurial fire burning in him. He runs multiple small businesses and knows what kind of problems small businessmen face. He has dealt with clients having budgets ranging from $500 to $5000, and knows how to squeeze value out of every penny.

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