Here’s How to Get Dental Leads Using Facebook Ads

By Ankit / August 30, 2019
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So, you want more dental leads. Which dentist doesn’t?

First things first, you are the only one who knows the pain points of your clients. You are the only one who knows if there are more children in your locality or more teenagers. So, you will be the best person to which kind of patients will become repeat customers. I will be only giving examples about one or two case scenarios which show two contrasting different buyer personas.

For example, if your clinic is situated in an area which has good schools, meaning you’ll want to target these little children (AKA- their parents). Or if there are loads of teenagers, you’ll want to target these half-adults and get repeat business from them. Or if you have more clients coming with root canal treatments, then you’ll want to target them. Granted, that root canals are one time go, but these are expensive and getting them as your leads means good return on ad spend.

You get the point. You know who is gonna bring more business to you.

Why use Facebook ads for dental lead generation?

​Any dentist would want to get the most out his ad budget, and Facebook ads is the way to it.

​There are several reasons why you must choose Facebook ads for dental lead generation:

  • Cost effective at $1.72 per click
  • Higher targeting based on demographics and user behavior
  • ​More ad formats - image, video, multiple images or videos, in-video placements etc.
  • Higher Conversion rate of 9.21%
  • Highly visual platform - Facebook and Instagram (You need to show sparkling teeth!)

​Here's how the funnel should look like:

1. Make an impactful Facebook ad.

2. Create an irresistible offer.

​3. Bring them to your landing page.

4. Repeat the offer.

5. Collect their emails.

6. Make them call you and book an appointment.​

​Your Facebook ad objective for this campaign

I’ll tell you what I have personally learnt through my 6 years of experience running Facebook ads:

Your primary objective of running Facebook ads is to bring them to your website.

But there is a special lead generation objective in Facebook...

Why don't I use this lead generation objective?

Well, because you cannot track people's progress regarding the ad in this objective.

Because your Facebook pixel is not used in that lead generation objective.

Because every time someone clicks one of your ads or articles on Facebook and gets teleported to your website, Facebook pixel keeps a track of it, and you can later use this valuable information to persuade them to become your customer.

And trust me, Facebook pixel is one huge atom bomb in Facebook marketing.

Even if people click on your ad but they don't give in their emails, you will still be able to re-target them with even more targeted and personalized offers.

Now that you have ample information about why I prefer bringing visitors to the website for lead generation, lets go to the juicy part:

How do you find your target audience on Facebook.

Let's take an example: Pediatric Dentists.

Going with the pediatric dentist example, I can use Facebook audience insights to target married women from the ages 25-45 having a child (aged 0-12 years), who live in Cleveland, Ohio, AND are interested in Parenting, Motherhood and Family And Relationships.

​I can see what kinds of pages and interests this particular audience segment likes and even see how much likely are they to make a purchase (of any kind) on Facebook.

Yes. Facebook can show you all that.

And that’s precisely the way you target your audience in Facebook.

Now that you have chosen your target audience, its time to write the most enticing ad copy.

​Choosing a Facebook ad format

Now, the ad copy differs when you choose different ad formats.

Right now, I will specifically talk about single image ad copy.

One of the biggest things about the ad copy has to be the image or video. If you are using an image, make sure it striking enough that people be like whoa or ​the surprised Pikachu face.

You image must be something relevant to what you sell (in this case, dental care for kids OR teeth whitening for teenagers).

But since you are not the only dentist trying to find leads using Facebook, you also have to be creative.

Like maybe adding some humor.

If you already have had come clients and are on the lookout for new clients or leads, then the strongest point of persuasion is going to be the views and ratings of your existing customers. Let’s say you are a cosmetic dentist and several of your customers needed to get a sparkling smile done, so you can ask them how their experience was.


“I went to Dr. Perry at the time I needed help the most – the prom date. I wanted to make sure it would be a night to remember, so I got my teeth whitening done, and the whole crowd was envious of my sparkling smile.”

Or if the major problem in your locality is that there is some dentist-phobia and people don’t go unless absolutely necessary, you can have something like this:

For example: I have always been scared of dentists but Dr. Perry’s clinic was a life changing experience. She calmly explained what she was going to do and repeated that if I was feeling anything different at all, all I had to do was say. I’ll go to Dr. Perry my whole life”

Your main objective is to get leads. So its safe to assume that they don’t know about you or your clinic.

And if they don’t know you, you need to give them a reason to get to know you. I am taking about discounts of course. Give something nice.

You can also combine this discount incentive with playing with your target audience’s fear. You don’t have to feel guilty about it. Come to think about, it is true that many people don’t take oral health seriously and end up staring at the dentist’s face couple of years later. Your job as a dentist is to make sure your client’s oral hygiene is top notch. It’s normal.

How to create an offer

Things to remember when you are deciding upon the offer: Make sure to offer discounts only if you have experience that quite a lot of people who come for a entry-level service also turn out to have complications which requires more treatment from you.

For example: 60 – 70 % of your target audience has crooked or uneven teeth. It is because they have uneven teeth that while brushing, not all places are cleaned properly. Now you can pitch them to get braces and so on and so forth.

Facebook ad copy guidelines

Now, there are some points to keep in mind to write great ad copy for Facebook.

One: Make sure you say what you give. Make sure the user who is clicking on your ad knows exactly what is expected of him. If you are saying that you are giving away discount coupons AFTER they submit their email ids, then the user knows that in order to get a 20% off his first teeth whitening session from you, he has to submit his email id.

Two: Instruct your user what to do next. I am talking about Call To Actions, of course. Don’t keep it fancy or lengthy. Since our primary objective here is to collect leads, the CTA would be to Sign Up, not “Submit your email to get discount coupon”. Both say the same thing, but the later looks lengthy, and unpleasing to the eye.

Three: Use your text ad copy (I am talking about the text seen on top of the image) to explain all your incentive proposition. By that I mean the “submit your email to get discount coupon” stuff. Be crisp and blunt.

People use Facebook to connect with friends and family members, not to read about how embarrassing it is to smile with yellow teeth. They already know it’s embarrassing to smile with yellow teeth. They want to know if you can help them NOT being embarrassed for having yellow teeth AKA teeth whitening. And you are giving a discount for the first timers? Hell yeah, they are gonna like it.

Four: Use your headline as something which summarizes the whole reason you are running an ad.

You have used the text space for a two or three-line explanation of your offer. You have used the CTA to tell the user what action to take next. Now use the headline which summarizes all these three elements. Play with the emotion of being embarrassed of yellow teeth and mix it with the elation of getting a 20% discount. I would write the headline as “Sparkling white teeth @ 20% ​OFF!”.

Five: Then you can finally write the ad copy which will be appearing below the headline. I would use it to give a final push as to why the user must get their yellow teeth white. I am thinking like… ​​ “​Offer valid till 31st August only. Sign up today!”

Six: Give people a reason to act today, and act now! Use scarcity “valid till”, “grab your seat now!”, “only 12 seats left” etc to make act immediately. Everybody loves a good deal.

Facebook ad placements

​You must be placing your Facebook ads precisely where your audience is. For example, in the case of teeth whitening for prom dates, teenagers are highly active on Facebook and Instagram.

That's where your ads must be placed.

​Facebook and Instagram feeds are the usual placements in this case. However, having Facebook Stories and Instagram stories are also magnificent placements since Stories are even more frequently viewed by this particular demographic.

​Next step in gaining leads is to make them complete the lead submission page. 

For that, you’ll have to make sure that your ad copy and landing page are talking about the same thing. Which means that the people who click the ad expect to get a 20% discount in teeth whitening. Have two to three blanks to fill, which ask the user his name and email id.

​Literally, have the same picture and ad copy you mentioned in the ad inside your landing page. This leaves no room for doubt when the user lands on your page, since this is exactly what he/she is expecting.


And then after ​they submit the form, comes the thank you page.

The Thank you page thanks the user for signing up and reminds him that the discount coupon is sent to his email.

Why is a Thank You page necessary?

​It is now your responsibility to nurture this lead.

We are not here to make leads just for the sake of making leads.

Now that you are a local business, the obvious best method to nurture your leads is through their phone calls. The thank you page must prompt the visitor to call you.

You must remember that your user can ditch your site or offer anytime, so its best that when you have caught his attention, you utilize it to the best of your ability.

And like I said, scarcity is the best way to induce a Fear Of Missing Out.

Create a sense of urgency in a way that the user is never gonna come across an offer like this ever again.

And you must be ready when the user calls you.

What happens when your leads call you?

Make sure you have a follow-up team ready to pick up calls and pleasantly talk to your potential customers. Most importantly, make sure your team is in sync with every marketing campaign which may be happening at the same moment.

For example, you are running several ads for several demographics – like targeting moms to bring their kids to your clinic and this tooth whitening campaign are running in your office hours and two separate landing and thank you pages for specific purposes. You front-desk receptionist must be aware of these and note down the appointment dates and hours.

You must also be responsible for following up on your leads through a dedicated email sequence. Your team must have an automated email sequence running where on Day 1 you give confirmation email that your appointment has been scheduled at so and so time. Maybe on Day 3 you can send them a blog post you have written RELATED to the service they want from you.

By this, I mean if someone signed up for teeth whitening appointment, send them relevant blog posts about teeth whitening…like maybe on which cases teeth whitening is necessary.

​User engagement strategy

By having a regular gentle reminder through email, your lead stays interested in your offer.

Another touch point to your customer journey is through text messages. Use the number your lead used to call you and send text messages to that number. You can send gentle reminders like one reminder text message 6 hrs before appointment, and one 1 hr before appointment.

​Maybe you can also send one text message which tells the address of your dental clinic.

The best of it all would of course be adding a reminder in your lead’s Google Calendar and it’ll be highly unlikely that he/she won’t turn up at your clinic.

​That's it?

Remember, where you are using Facebook to get dental leads, you are using it just to get contact information about them.

If you do not have a relevant and short landing page, the users will bounce.

If you do not give them clear call to actions about what must be done next, your leads will not convert to the phone call part.

And if you do not follow your leads, your leads will forget about the appointment and you will end up spending dollars but never getting real, new customers. 

If your front office doesn't behave professionally AND pleasantly, your well earned money will be gone to waste.

If you do not offer good service, your lead will never become a repeat customer. 

Facebook ads is just a way to start. Digital marketing alone is never sufficient. People still like to really talk to the service provider and every step they take serves a crucial point in user experience.

And attracting new customers is about FIVE TIMES for expensive that utilizing your current customers.

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